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Thread: How safe is Ciudad Juarez compared to Toronto?

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    How safe is Ciudad Juarez compared to Toronto?

    I live in Toronto and might be travelling to Ciudad Juarez in the summer, I'm wondering if I can get opinions on how dangerous Juarez is compared to Toronto.


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    A friend and I were wandering around some 'interesting' areas of Juarez. Locals became concerned and urged us to get in a taxi back to the tourist area. Toronto it is not.

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    I've been to both and Toronto felt safer no doubt. Although Juarez didn't feel any worse than Detroit or Chicago when I was there but for a while it seemed really really dangerous with all the murders etc. A friend lives there and said its not as bad as it used to be (less murders etc)and they have really worked hard to make tourism better and an option.

    Use common sense and stay away from the off the beaten path areas for sure. I'm curious what the murder rate was last year when compared to a few years earlier

    For a while you would hear about multiple daily murders but that seems to have subsided in some areas. Still sounds like Mexico as a whole has a lot of murders each year. According to my friend it's something like 30K murders in Mexico last year.

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