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The global fashion powerhouse recognizes the importance of providing smart, hi-tech value on the wrists of their young, sexy, and adventurous consumers. GUESS was one of the first fashion brands to embrace the trend of wearable technology with the launch of GUESS Connect in 2015. Now, with the announcement of GUESS Connect, GUESS Watches are extending their lead in the growing display smartwatch segment.
Well, the important things are (1) they're running Android Wear 2.0, (2) they won't cost thousands of dollars, and most importantly (3) there's no flat tire.

Lots of tech sites—iVerge, for example—are summarily dismissing these first Android Wear watches from Guess. In doing so they fail to see that this is yet one more step in Android's takeover of the traditional wristwatch industry. Oh, and there's one more thing: Sequel, the parent company of Guess, is part of Timex Group B.V., making these technically the first Android-powered watches from Timex. That's a pretty big deal.

It may too gaudy for some, but I think the 44mm men's model above looks rather fetching.

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As for this 41mm ladies model, um... no comment. Guess I'm not young, sexy or adventurous enough.

Specs for both watches include the standard for Android Wear Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 chip. AW 2.0's standalone will have the added benefit of making the watches more independent of the phone they're paired to, and thus more compatible with iOS.

Source: GlobeNewswire via Digital Trends