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Fortune ran a piece last week about how luxury watchmakers are circling their wagons around Android Wear, to keep their products relevant in the age of the Apple Watch. If you're an Android user with an appreciation for the traditional timepiece, this is great news.

The Movado Group is the latest Android Wear licensee, and will be bringing their first smartwatches to market this fall. The group's brands include Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss, but what I'm excited about is the Movado Connect; according to Droid Life it will be a lineup of five designs based on the iconic Museum Watch, like the Movado Edge you see above.

Movado's smartwatches will start at $495 USD, a bargain when compared to the second-generation TAG Heuer Connected.

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As aBlogtoWatch reports, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 will cost a little more ($1,650 USD) for a slightly smaller watch (45mm). As the "Modular" moniker would suggest, the user can change not only the bands but the lugs as well. There are now more colour and material options for the bezel, and the upgraded phone app will include TAG Studio, granting you the power to make your own watch face from scratch.

And hey, if a $1,650 USD smartwatch isn't enough of a status symbol for you, there's also a limited edition set that includes a mechanical Tourbillon module. That'll set you back a cool $17,000, but at least you'll have a working watch to pass on to your next of kin...

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