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    Moto E2

    I would like to get a second generation Moto E to use with an MVNO of T-Mobile. I see on Ebay a lot of what are described as "AT&T GoPhone Smartphones" that appear to be new and in their original packaging. I assume that they are all locked to AT&T. My question is, if I buy one, what are the chances that I will be able to get it unlocked? I was planning on just buying the code via one of the people who sell that service on Ebay, but I keep seeing on their advertisements that there are IMEI numbers, beginning with 99 that cannot be unlocked. Does anyone know if I would be likely to get one of these unlockable phones if I buy the aforementioned "AT&T GoPhone Smartphone"? Are AT&T pre-paid phones typically unlockable? Any help would be very welcome. I am a newb at all this stuff.
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