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Thread: 640? 640xl? 650? older models?!

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    640? 640xl? 650? older models?!

    I have a Blu Win HD that I bought new last year for around 200$ It is fine, but some things annoy me: the ear speaker is really bad/low, camera is so-so, the screen could be better or at least brighter outside, speed is okay but not quite fast. But still, except the ear speaker, I pretty much enjoy it. It runs Windows 10 without any problem. The size of the screen is very usable (5"), I have large hands.

    So, I was looking around and came upon the Lumia 640, the 640xl and the 650. Reviews are saying the 640 is great, the 640xl better and the 650 very interesting even though some specs don't seem to be better than the 640. All of those models could be bought for around 200$, new or used. Even though a 5.7" would be nice, a 5" screen is good enough, so I'm tempted by the 650 (used 640xl with LTE Band 4 are hard to find, or more expensive).

    Finally, some older Lumias are available, but now we're talking about 3-4 years old models...

    What is your take on my situation? What should I get? Or should I wait??


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    Waiting buys you nothing, literally and figuratively. Windows Phone is a dead man walking. I'm not saying this as an Apple or Google fanboi; WP has an almost-microscopic share of the phone market, both in hardware and in third-party apps. And it's hard to envision what might happen in the next couple of years that would change things and make WP at least viable to the wider smartphone-using public. So you have to go in realizing you could hit the end of the road soon.

    Considering that, maybe your best bet is to hold on to your BLU phone for now and shop around for a Lumia you like at a price you like. You'll have to decide how much money do you want to put into a solution on which you likely can never build. And remember that whatever a Lumia (or some other WP phone) fixes, it probably will have its own issues to deal with.

    I can't speak to the 650, but my wife has a 640. It's been a good phone for her -- snappy, reliable, good call quality, surprisingly rugged. It does feel a little cheap in hand; the camera is no great shakes, but, then, the phone is relatively old. My wife is OK with the lack of apps because she has a cellular-capable iPad she can use. And she's aware that the Lumia s a stopgap phone for her; when the 640 or her iPad dies, we'll reevaluate the whole phone/iPad/cellular thing. So, for her, and at the $40 we paid for it, it's been a great phone. I don't know as we would spend $200 on one. At that point I'd look at a used iPhone (we're an Apple house); others would look at the Moto G or some of the Chinese offerings rather than a Lumia.

    Hope that helps...

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