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Thread: MSL help for/with LG6100D LTE Gateway

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    MSL help for/with LG6100D LTE Gateway


    I picked up a Sprint Netgear LG6100D LTE Gateway. I need the MSL to program it.

    I went to a the Sprint store here and they told me the device was "no longer in the system" and could not get me the MSL

    I ran the MEID (18 numbers) through an MSL decoder link listed in another HowardForum thread but that didnt help either.

    the Paid sites i used to get the MSL phones dont list Netgear (except some Sierra Wireless stuff) equipment. i havent found any useful information via interweb searches.

    does anyone have any ideas on how to get the MSL ?


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    It should be in the system still. Try a corporate owned store that does repairs (so that they have good technical staff).

    See if the Ting checker at least finds it in the system.

    Some MVNO's show you the MSL if you put in online with them. RingPlus did and FreedomPop does. I had my 6100D on both. It is now back on FP and works fine. I realize that its last use may be set up and it may be hard to use without the MSL. Did you try a hardware reset?

    But RingPlus is dead and FP will only probably only allow FP origin 6100D's on. You can maybe try FP on the off chance it came via them originally.

    Otherwise maybe try posting on the Sprint forum on Reddit.
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