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Thread: Has anyone been charged with the new 120 days USA clause?

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    Has anyone been charged with the new 120 days USA clause?

    I think since Febuary 2016 Videotron changed a clause in their contract saying that if you use more than 120 days of service in the USA in a year while being on a CAN/USA plan, they reserved the right to charge you the excess or revoke your US privileges. Now, I don't know if they are actually enforcing it or they added the clause so it would cost them less roaming charge to their partners. If I am in and out of the USA every week, would I be fine or would I probably get charged?

    If I am going to get charged, I would like to know some alternate options. I just don't want to swap my sim at the border every time I go the US by having an american plan and I would like to keep a canadian number so that my contacts can reach me without paying long distance. Rogers roam like home seems like one of the only options I can think of since it's capped at $50/month.

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    Did you ever get any advice on this topic. I would be interested in the information, too.

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