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You're not alone.

There is a growing number of reports by users on reddit about some sort of bug in the Huawei-made Nexus 6P, causing devices to shut down prematurely before their batteries are fully drained. The exact cause of the bug remains unclear, even to the clever folks at XDA:

Some users speculate that the issue is hardware related, while some blame the Android Nougat update for introducing the bug. An open issue was created on the AOSP Issue Tracker last month which has since been starred by over 1,200 users and has had dozens of comments corroborating the bug’s existence.
If you were wondering, Google has set the status of the issue to "assigned" but its priority to "small", which isn't exactly encouraging.

Though they're no longer sold by Google directly there are still new, unlocked 6Ps on the market; if you were thinking of purchasing one you might want to hold off.

And if you're stuck with an affected model this might be a good opportunity to delve into the wonderful world of Android modding—if nothing else, rolling back to Marshmallow might help.

Sources: AOSP Issue Tracker, reddit, XDA