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Thread: Sayonara shamu, its been awkward at best

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    Post Sayonara shamu, its been awkward at best

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    So this cheerleader for Team Android has done the unthinkable: he's broken up his Nexus collection with an eBay auction that ended Sunday night. Out the door yesterday was shamu, an all-too appropriate codename for the gargantuan Moto-made Nexus 6.

    I never really liked the Moto Nexus. In one of my more popular contributions here I wrote that Google had jumped the sharkthat is, that the recipe that made 2013's LG Nexus 5 so great was thrown out the window in favour of something else that was clearly never meant to be a Nexus in the first place.

    You'll recall that 2013 also saw the release of the OnePlus One. That phone was much more the spiritual successor of the Nexus 5for me, anywayand was my sidearm of choice until the following summer when its disappointing follow-up, the OnePlus 2, was announced. Seeing no other available upgrade I reluctantly purchased a Moto Nexus, regretting the decision before I even opened the box.

    Through that fall and winter I tried as best I could to fit the oversized phone into my life. The killing blow for our relationship was dealt when I visited Japan to ring in 2016, only to find that, for whatever reason, the Moto Nexus wouldn't give me LTE data with a local SIM card. When we got home and I eventually bought the Huawei 6P (I am a Nexus fanboy, after all) I tried pawning the Moto off on my girlfriend but she would have none of it, being perfectly content with her OnePlus One. So into a drawer went shamu, never again to see light of day, until its recent eBay photo shoot. But it's infamous legacy lives on in these Howard Forums posts:

    Moto Nexus: The Story of Shamu in 90 Seconds
    Nexus Jumps The Shark
    Hell Freezes Over, Currie Gets a Moto Nexus.
    Just How Big is the Nexus 6?
    I Hate This Phone, All of You and Myself Most of All
    My mobile memoirs free ebook available here.
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    I had a Nexus 6 for about a week. I bought it used from Swappa. I like it for that week I had until it locked up and would not turn on. I was new with Android phones with the battery built in. I could not get the phone to turn back on. It was during the same time Google app with messing up with people's phones. I could not get the phone to start back up. Luckily the seller had a 30 day warranty on the device. I sent it back to the seller and got a refund. That was the last Nexus I bought and decided to go with an Iphone 5C new from my carrier. I eventually went back to Android here and there but never to a new flagship phone. The closest flagship I owned was a Galaxy S5 for six months.

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