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Thread: Franklin R850 LTE Hotspot Internal Photos

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    Franklin R850 LTE Hotspot Internal Photos


    In an attempt to improve my signal strength, I purchased a passive adapter, which connects to a 4G antenna. Since I already had a Wilson Trucker Cell antenna I thought I would be able to boost the signal by at least a bar. I contacted Franklin and the seller of the passive adapter and neither could tell me where the antenna is located. They suggested moving the adapter around and that would find it. I tried, with nothing moving wherever I moved it on the hotspot.

    I unscrewed the hotspot and removed the cover in hopes of finding the internal antenna, but did not see it.Name:  IMG_20161117_123340.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161117_123344.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161117_123411.jpg
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    I read where there are diagnostic ports under circular tabs, one of which may be an antenna. Afraid to explore because I bricked a Samsung Galaxy S4 by plugging an antenna to a diagnostic plug.

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    If this helps, you can find photos of the internal antenna here:

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