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Thread: Account number after move to chatr?

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    Account number after move to chatr?

    To those who have already been switched over to chatr, can you confirm whether the account number remains the same as it was on mobi? Thanks.

    I am porting my number over this week to Bell and want to make sure I don't get an error due to chatr moving me the same time I'm trying to port out and that requires my account number with existing provider. I still haven't got any text updates about my chatr move date but it seems some ppl are getting moved without the text heads up.

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    ^Great question. Chatrs Self Serve site doesn't show any account numbers so most of the People that have been migrated probably don't know unless they specifically called in to ask.

    What I suggest you do is, use the Devices imei number that has your Mobilicity Sim in it. That way you don't have to worry about any Account Numbers.

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    You have to call in to get the account number as it isn't in the mychatr screen.

    I needed it to port out.

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