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Thread: Sprint 2-year plan... what to do next?

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    Sprint 2-year plan... what to do next?

    So I don't think I'm on the Sero plan but I am on the old contract sprint plan. I have a family shared plan with a base of $110 + $20 for each additional phone + $10 per phone for premium data. I have 5 phones so paying about $240 (-22% off company discount) making the total about $40/phone + tax... for unlimited EVERYTHING.

    So here's the sad part... It used to be (in the past 3-4 years since they stopped selling this plan) that I could go to Best Buy to "upgrade" my phone and extend my plan for 2 years... I just noticed this is no longer the case and if you go to Best Buy's site, it no longer has the option to upgrade or buy 2 year plan.

    I still think it's a great plan and don't want to get off of it. I have 2 phones that the contract will end soon and will be running off-contract which is fine but I do want to get a new phone for one of them.

    Also, sprint has a max of 5 phones per plan. My boyfriend is on T-mobile needs a new phone + plan... Any thoughts of what to do here? I like Sprint and have no issues.

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    You can still do 2-year agreements via Sprint telesales, Sprint's website and Costco. Sprint might allow you to have more than 5 lines on your plan. Asking is the only way to find out. However, if you do contact Sprint, be prepared to be prodded to change plans and/or change to lease or installment payments. Personally, I'd stick with the subsidy. Good luck.

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    Go new plan 6 lines unlimited 220 a month

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