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Thread: Suggestion: Thorough "How to" thread on AOL-ing a UDP

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    Suggestion: Thorough "How to" thread on AOL-ing a UDP

    Please don't shoot the messenger. I'm a long time Verizon customer with a UDP that I'd like to sell because my usage doesn't require anywhere near a UDP. To that end, I've searched here for clear instructions. What I find are lots of threads that address certain issues, like retaining one's phone number, but those threads almost always end in "google 'google voice trick'".

    Doing the directed searching yields - you guessed it - even more threads with incomplete answers and directions to google something else.

    For those that know how to AOL a UDP and retain your phone number, doing a "how to" with explicit instructions would be very helpful to those of us who don't know how to do it. That thread, once created, could be stickied so that it can be updated as Verizon changes it policies or practices.

    My $.02.

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    yeah, it's bad. The supply and demand curve on this information it totally out of whack...

    1) We are talking about a perishable commodity that is continuing to decay in numbers. Every day this information becomes less applicable. The natural tendency is for the lucrative sales in modern rate plans to continue to cannibalize the remaining legacy UDP customers.
    2) Verizon's hostile stance to loyal customers is expected to continue...
    3) The information and pitfalls keep changing.
    4) The people that have completely figured this out have an interest in retaining the information for themselves. There are self appointed titles like: UDP Consultant, Data Trader, Mobile Internet Afficianatos, ect... their information is behind paywalls and/or tailored to be fulfilled via their services.
    5) Most of us on the forums have limited experience AOLing UDPs. It has been different and every time I've done this rain dance. Lots of pitfalls. I have also never done the google voice dance, so no experience there.

    The information should be consolidated. I might give it a shot.

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    Frankly, if you want to do an AOL, the best thing to do is consult the AOL department by phone.

    The reason is that there was recently a scandal involving corporate accounts and UDPs, and the fallout of that is likely that many of the AOL rules will be changed - in order to close some of those abuses.

    The best "known good" way currently, is to use a small business taxpayer ID, and take over someone's UDP plan as a business. Corporate accounts preserve UDP more easily - and corporate customer service even has been shown to have the ability to re-add UDP to lines of service. (Temp Mod Note: Non-profit)

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