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Thread: SERO P done

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    Quote Originally Posted by oZo View Post
    I have activated a Note Edge on SERO P, and then switched back to my old Note 3, then activated the TEP+ replacement Note Edge, then switched back to the Note 3 again...
    Never once was I asked or told I needed to switch plans.
    This is over the last 2 weeks.
    In fact, I've noticed that self service activating (using the phone only) has started working again. I also used the 'My Account' page on to swap handsets again.
    Neither of these options were available for quite awhile on SERO P.
    Now, I must say I have not tried to "upgrade" to a new phone, or renew contract yet, that fun will be reserved for December.
    That's good to hear (especially the fact that self-service worked).

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    Just be patient, sprint always seems to change the program. Example, they are offering a Iphone7 with no discount.....but giving your account credit for the phone you purchase on a monthly basis if you trade in your old iphone.

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