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Thread: Confirmed - Smartphone on TF/VZ doesn't roam

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pastor Marty View Post
    My nephew had no service at all on his Straight Talk iPhone 6 Verizon on the drive from around the Tennessee border until we were almost in Louisville.
    Quote Originally Posted by loboheeler View Post
    VZW service in that region is almost all roaming on Bluegrass Wireless if available at all. KY is a lousy area for coverage.
    Having driven/lived in TN/KY for the last few years, especially in the Upper Cumberland region there are places with no coverage from anything. It's a straight up dead zone. Using Cricket (AT&T) and Page Plus (Verizon) makes no difference. I haven't checked all the various possibilities -- ie. if I go 1 mile down the road, will voice, data, text work on each phone -- but the info is just from standard usage.

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    Now I see why the truckers swear by the Att side instead of Verizon. I have a sunrise on the Att side. I pull the sim out and put in a 64GB iPhone 4S. I wanted to get a Verizon phone but now I see I have it better with what I have.

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    I think it really depends on where you are. Most phones have coverage on the highways so not sure how much difference that makes. I know in my case (just one person of millions using a phone, so take it for the very small sample that it is), I'm thinking of going back to Verizon since the AT&T coverage is terrible. I get constant dropouts if I'm driving where I had good coverage w/ Verizon. And just being at home is sketchy on AT&T.

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