Somehow in HoFo it's been perpetuated how terrible H2O's customer service is. There's likely a reason for this, and I'm not saying that they definitely have a top CS team, but as an off-and-on H2O customer for quite a bit of years (probably close to 7 or 8 now) I have always thought that the terrible-ness of H2O CS is exaggerated, just like how good Airvoice CS is (I was there once when a friend was calling Airvoice CS trying to resolve something, and they absolutely mangled everything and made thing very difficult for him, for what was a very simple thing that he was asking for, but that's another story).

Anyway, I've always had excellent experience from H2O CS, for the handful of times I needed their help. Today is yet another one of those experiences. I called in to confirm my H2O account number and PIN to port my number out, and the representative was courteous, efficient, and very helpful. Note that I called them telling them that I wanted to port out, so they knew they were being dumped from the beginning.

The call took like a total of three minutes at most, and I got to a person right away, without being put on hold. He asked for my name and SIM card number (and waited patiently for me to get the card out of the phone) and confirmed my account number (which turns out is the SIM card number) and the PIN (which is the last four digits of the SIM card number). That's it. About an hour and a half later the number is activated and ready for use on its new home. I'm happy.

Just thought I'd share an actual experience of H2O customer support, from 2016. I don't know if I've just been really lucky all this time, if they have been getting better after a bad performance a few years ago, or if they're never really that bad in the first place, but this type of experience like what I had today is pretty much how I've always gotten support from H2O, so take it however you will.