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Thread: Loking for BYOD service that allows GV transfer

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    Loking for BYOD service that allows GV transfer

    I currently have a Galaxy S6 with Cricket, who won't let me (or is not able) to transfer my Google Voice number. In a few weeks 6 months will be up and I'll be able to get the phone unlocked hopefully.

    Looking for a recommendation of an inexpensive provider (Cricket was fine for me other than the GV issue) that will:

    - let me BYOD with S6
    - transfer GV number
    - contract free (preferably)
    - bonus points for quick Android OS updates


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    Only T-Mobile can help you. Cricket doesn't play with Google Voice and Republic Wireless, they told me that my RW number is a landline. While I was talking to their support from my Moto X (on that RW account).

    Get the cheapest T-Mo plan/SIM:
    Port the number to T-Mo, wait a day and then port again to whomever you want.

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    T-Mobile has a cheap prepaid connect plan. $10/month. 1,000 minutes of talk. 1,000 text. 1 GB of data.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoNic67 View Post
    Get the cheapest T-Mo plan/SIM:
    That link did not work for me.

    Pretty sure UltraMobile PAYGO took that over years ago, $3/mo

    SIMs only available from eBay $10, sold by Mint, technically back in the TMO family

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