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Thread: Ontario: Is this Share Everything Plus Plan the best I can do? (come from Bell)

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    Toronto Ontario: Is this Share Everything Plus Plan the best I can do? (come from Bell)

    Hey guys,

    Was offered this because of my wife's association with government and I have a friend who's an accountant and they have identical offers.

    Share Everything Plus Plan - Bring your own device (we have two phones)

    $87.50 + $55 for second line

    9 GB shared
    Canada Wide Calling
    Unlimited text/MMS
    CID, Voicemail, 2500 minutes call forwarding, etc.

    Shomi (already have it), Spotify or Next issue

    Access to Roam like Home.

    Currently my wife and I are both with Bell using the EPP 60 in my signature. It's $120 + taxes together, BUT we have everything with Rogers (Internet, Cable, home phone number) and looking to take advantage of the bundle discount AND the extra 3GB of data which if anything, accounts for the extra $22.50.

    I'll expect bundling all my services should reduce the $22.50 delta, but also reduce the cost for an additional 3GB of data or 1.5GB each. Currently the overages are $50/GB so it could be worth it if I value data that much.

    Can I get your opinion, guys? Port over or stay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by m4gician View Post
    Hey guys,

    Can I get your opinion, guys? Port over or stay?
    Look into a Rogers Small Business 4GB plan. You may be able to sweet talk your way into it if one of you works for a small business, you don't necessarily need to own/manage one. Is your accountant friend self employed? If so perhaps they'd let you use their business' name. You'd still use your credit. As long as it's under your personal credit, there is zero potential ramification to the small business in question. A key difference is that overage is only $10/2GB on Rogers' flagship Small Business plan. I don't know of a better overage rate in Canada.
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