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Thread: Boost Mobile Moto G flashed to PP - upgrade without losting flash?

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    Question Boost Mobile Moto G flashed to PP - upgrade without losting flash?

    I've had a Boost Mobile Moto G flashed to PP now for over a year and it's been a fantastic phone even to this day...and Verizon's 3G is fast enough that I'm not bothered about the lack of LTE especially considering PP's LTE coverage throttles at only 4mbps, and I get over 2mbps as it is right now. I've noticed a few updates came out for the device, and I'm interested in upgrading from KitKat over to Lollipop 5.1. I performed the flash myself using guides here and as far as I'm concerned was a complete and proper flash using actual Verizon firmware instead of just using CDMA WS or DFS to change the settings and such. I've searched the forums for 20-30 minutes looking for an answer to this question, but HF seems to purge older pages much quicker than they used to so I can't find the answer to my question. I would assume even though I'm using a BM phone that since it has Verizon firmware I can just perform a normal upgrade on the device itself and allow it to upgrade without losing my flash and having the phone kicked out of the system...because we all know once this device gets deactivated there's no way of being able to put it back on Page Plus since they banned flashed phones.

    If it actually 'is' possible to upgrade to Lollipop, is there a guide I need to follow so that I don't end up screwing things up and ending up with only 1x data or other problems? Right now I actually have a tester phone in front of me on Page Plus that I want to perform the upgrade on and if successful will be deploying the update over at least 8 other devices (all of them are company phones that we pay for) but losing the flash would be devastating to say the least. If there are any suggestions or guides out there, if you guys would let me know I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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    I was able to update with no problem. But I had to flash stock recovery and stock partitions. The phone stayed on the network with 3G data working.

    I made a post about this on XDA under the 5.1 update thread.

    The only reason to flash stock was because I rooted. If I hadn't done that I think it would have worked without flashing.

    PS you probably should have just posted this in the standard PP forum, where it may have been responded to sooner.

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