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Thread: Problem icloud ios 9.2

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    Problem icloud ios 9.2

    hey guys, i need your help ?.. i just restored my iphone, i dont know to bypass the activation screen in ios 9.2 and i forgot and dont know the details of icloud.. i've been seeking for help on how to do this.. i found a site that has unlock a while ago, is anyone familiar with this? can anyone help me? pleeeeeeaase..

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    If this is your telephone, you have to enter the Apple ID to turn off the iCloud lock to finish the restoration. There is no bypass. If this is not a telephone on which you turned on the iCloud lock, do not look for help here.
    Earl F. Parrish

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    mr Earl F. Parrish , is only "Partially Correct",

    but he is right to say that there are not many ways about how to "Unlock Icloud Account Officially" ( By Officially I mean through Apple Call Center or through Genius Bar) .

    If you own the device , you probably have already the "Stage One" for unlocking or at least the Original Purchase Invoice ...

    If you don't have these details you may check this info through Imei + UDID for Free ( you'll need to go to the Repair Center with GSX Account) or you must have some friends in the Apple Store :-)

    As last chance you may ask a "Third Party" supplier to help you get info about your Iphone and your Icloud Account , but they will probably ask you to pay for that ...

    I may run a Free Check for you , but only if you are the Legittimate Owner ( just get in touch with me somehow through this forum)

    Hope my post has helped those who have issues with Activation Lock :-)

    Doulci will not help you , they don't have anough resources to fight Apple Activation Rules :-)

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