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Thread: Suggestions for a basic phone

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    Suggestions for a basic phone

    Have a relative who has just joined the Sprint network and has a new Samsung (I think it's the latest Galaxy) smartphone. She has to have surgery in two weeks and would like to be able to take a phone with her for the 5-8 days she's in the hospital plus sub-acute and NOT worry about losing her new phone.
    Any suggestions on a basic phone, buy it outright, pop-in her SIM card and just not be too concerned about it. I tried calling Sprint and they were pushing a $120 phone. There has to be something cheaper than that...or I am taking the entirely wrong approach to this? TIA.

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    I don't think any phone will be 1) cheaper when purchased full retail, 2) take a SIM (i.e. LTE)... but you could just get a used $20 basic phone and do an ESN swap. I've fallen back on an old Sanyo Katana II for a secondary line and it is a solid basic flipphone... maybe $10-15 on the used market... long battery life too...

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