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Thread: No easy way to keep my number?

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    No easy way to keep my number?

    I'm hoping someone here will have a brilliant idea I haven't thought of. Here's the situation: My small business is currently with Optimum voice (Cablevision VOIP). My phone number originated from them, but for some reason is not local to my location (same area code but different exchange). I do not need internet and want to switch to Verizon, who is willing to give me a landline without internet at a much lower cost. However, Verizon refuses to port the number because it is not a local exchange. Google voice will not port the number because they don't port landlines. It seems my options are:

    1) port to a cell phone and then port to Google Voice. This takes multiple steps and I'm not convinced that it will work.
    2) pay a number forwarding service (numbergarage or voipo) to forward my calls. Probably will work, but how reliable are these companies and will they stay in business?
    3) port to a cell phone and set that up to forward. Should work but likely more expensive, may negate my savings

    In addition, even if all my calls are forwarded, when I make a call from the new Verizon landline, customers are going to see my new number, not the old number I would want them to see. Is there any way around this?


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    #1 through TMO, or RingTo

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