I move that Sprint is officially in violation of the EBS/BRS band build out requirements, that their spectrum holding be revoked, and the massive 180+MHz wide EBS/BRS band be put back on the auction block!

Sprint is pulling the plug on EBS/BRS spectrum guard sites. They've been broadcasting Wimax, even after the official cutoff date. This makes 'sense' since the guard sites where built with the sole purpose of spectrum squatting. Now that they are offline and there is no Band 41 LTE taking their place, Sprint is clearly in violation of the build out requirements.

Several guard sites have gone offline in the last week in Louisiana and Texas. There is no Band 41 LTE taking their place.

Does anyone have a spectrum analyzer? I'm going to attempt making one out of those cheap DVB tuners and see if there is anything on the EBS/BRS spectrum mask. If not, then i'm complaining to the FCC.

Seriously, Sprint cannot be allowed to continue squatting on 180+MHz of prime spectrum. Revoke it and let someone else buy it. Let the educational institutions get their EBS back. At least something might happen.