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Thread: Marcelo Claure's hard reset of Sprint

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    Quote Originally Posted by p6B5Nm5b View Post
    You nailed it. It's true you don't have to have the best network to succeed, but you have to be good at SOMETHING. Sprint isn't exceptional at ANYTHING. Think about it.

    While every company has issues, I can't think of another that is so consistently bad at everything. Sprint marketing? Awful. Sprint technology? From iDen to NGN it's never consistently worked. Management? From Hesse to Claure, the butt of industry jokes. Debt? Stock? Sales? All depressing.

    Being a Cricket customer has more cache than being a Sprint customer.

    When Legere came in and saved T-Mobile he made bold moves. That's what Sprint needs... a real leader.
    Where and in what specific way is the Sprint network not consistently working?

    It's comical that you are citing NGN as an example of how Sprint's network has never worked consistently seeing as though NGN is a 2016 capital expense that hasn't started yet. But please proceed and acting like you know what you're talking about.

    Legere came into TMobile with a $5B AT&T breakup fee. But I'm sure that played no part in his turn around of the company. I wouldn't mention that either if I were you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jalan View Post
    Your knowledge of the car market is dated by about 5 years, just as your opinions of Sprint are. Have you actually set foot in an auto show in the last 5 years? Obviously not if you're going to make those kinds of outdated comments about Hyundai and Kia. No one is going to set foot in a modern Hyundai Sonata or Kia Optima and make a ridiculous comment about being a low price the value leader. That is an absurd comment.
    This comment is rather disconnected from reality. Both Kia and Hyundai have made incredible strides in the past 5 years to the point where what was said is actually true. Both compete on price and both offer plenty of value that GM and others have an issue with.

    Definitely as a whole. But I know you're not going to ignore the Genesis sedan as an example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cellphone-guy View Post
    Here's a very good article about what he's trying to do...

    I must admit, I'm not the biggest fan of Claure and my opinion of Sprint is that it's a nightmare pit of doom, but I think he's on to something with the breakup of the company into regional hubs.

    This will give regional presidents the ability to shine in their own way and hopefully shake off the stigma of the old Sprint image. He's doing the right thing by bringing in as much "fresh blood" as possible. Claure is smart to delegate power because he isn't a one man powerhouse like John Legere. Although Legere has an absolutely amazing team, he is always out front and always leading. Claure will be better served by allowing his regional presidents to do their own leading.

    I still have major doubts whether Sprint (as we know it) will survive beyond the end of next year, but changes within the company are underway. The sad truth is that all of these changes should have been made the moment that Softbank became owner of Sprint, not years later. I'm sure lots of people were thinking of these classic lyrics by Rock band The Who, "meet the new boss, same as the old boss".

    I guess we'll see what 2016 brings. Let's hope that Sprint can separate itself from its unofficial slogan of " SOON™ " and actually deliver SOMETHING other than stagnation, bad decisions and "Frailure".
    I predict 2016 will garner even more statements of "SOON™." How's that densification plan progressing? "SOON™." Spark/LTE Plus is s'posed to be live in my area. When will I be able to access it? "SOON™." Masa Son, himself has stated Sprint's network is "horrible." When's it going to get better where I live and travel? Well, you know, umm "SOON™."

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