I have an old 6gb $30 plan that rogers keeps on trying to take from me. If they're trying to take it and people here say keep it it must be good i figure. However maybe i'm wrong as my situation is unique. I have a business and provide phones for 3 employees plus one for myself.

Here's my old old OLD plan.
Unlimited Talk & Text Plan $50.00 /month
Value Pack $14.00 /month
6GB Smartphone Data Plan $30.00 /month they say it isn't shareable...

The employees are on share everything plans.
1)Shareable 15GB - Premium Tab $155.00 /month data plan attached to this account
2)Shareable 15GB - Premium Tab $55.00 /month
3)Shareable 15GB - Premium Tab $55.00 /month

IS it worth it the get the $220 30 gb bundle instead for all 4 lines? Keep in mind anytime I want to do a hardware upgrade on the plan that isn't share everything I have to buy the $700 or more phone outright, which i like to do every 2 years.