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Thread: What to get for 1-minute incoming calls for on-call work (=not much airtime needed)

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    Vancouver What to get for 1-minute incoming calls for on-call work (=not much airtime needed)

    I'm expecting to land an on-call job, which means that if they call me and I don't answer, they won't bother leaving a voicemail and will just call the next on-call person on the list.

    If they need an on-call worker like me, they will call on a Wednesday or Thursday, offering me some work for the next seven days (excluding weekends).

    Me: Hello, this is Out.
    Human Resources: Hi, Out, would you be available for Thursday, Friday of this week and Mon, Tues, Wed of next week, all from 8am to 4pm?
    Me: Yes.
    HR: Good. Report to the ABC location.
    --end of call--

    On some occasions, they'll call me if an employee is a no-show for the day. This type of call could be any weekday. For this call, they'll offer me work for just that one day.

    Me: Hello, this is Out.
    HR: Hi, Out. A worker at the XYZ location just called in sick. Could you take the job for today and tomorrow?
    Me: Yes.
    HR: Good. Report to XYZ in 2 hours.
    --end of call--
    I expect both types of calls to last no more than a minute. There may be long spans where I don't get any calls at all.

    I do not need text, data, voicemail. I don't expect to place any outgoing calls.

    What do you all recommend?

    I have an unlocked phone (formerly locked with Rogers)

    I'm in the Metro Vancouver area.

    Although I posted this in the PrePaid subforum, I'm open to getting post-paid if the price is cheaper than prepaid. (Impossible, perhaps?)

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    Speakout 7-Eleven prepaid airtime has a one year expiration and runs on the Rogers network, so you can use your old phone.

    Mandatory fees and other taxes will drain a few dollars each month, but $50 should be enough to get a year of service according to your usage description.

    Most other MVNOs expire prepaid time after one or three months, so you would be paying the minimum top-up a few times each year.

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