This is for a Virgin Mobile rooted Optimus Slider with $25 Grandfather Plan - $150. The phone is currently active and being used by my son. (yup, in Oct 2-15!) Virgin Mobile coverage has gotten much better over the past 4-5 years; but in the deep south out in the backroads, it can still be sketchy. My son just started driving, so we want to move him to a Verizon based pages plan.

Here's how he uses his: He has the wireless tether app for rooted droids on his slider. He turns it on, and connects his iPod 5. He can access Spotify, iMessage, and anything else requiring wifi through his unlimited connection via Virgin Mobile. It doesn't support 3G; but for $25 a month, a very inexpensive unlimited plan. The phone itself is in good condition. He mainly just uses it for getting calls from new employer, and sharing the connection.

The process goes something like this: (copied from another user)
I just send you the phone number and PIN # to login to the website and you change it all to your personal info and change the PIN and just choose "Swap Phones" and you enter the Serial # of new phone and it's ready to go.