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Thread: Policy on activating existing phones - Corp reps & Indirects please shed light?

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    Question Policy on activating existing phones - Corp reps & Indirects please shed light?

    EDIT: see end of message - I've dug up a believable explanation.

    So I'm quite aware that Verizon requires a phone to have a CDMA radio because VoLTE isn't good enough yet, yadda yadda. However I've been totally confused about their policies about customers doing BYOP. (bringing in a compatible device).

    For example, the iPhone 5s came in 2 models, the A1533 which was compatible with both AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, and the Model A1453 which was for Sprint and a bunch of Regionals.

    However, Verizon reps at a Corp store told me they would not activate my unlocked iPhone 5s. I've also heard plenty of reports of people trying to put their Verizon SIM in such a phone, and being able to use it (including the CDMA) for a few minutes before being kicked off the network.

    Last year I bought the "Verizon" iPhone 6 so that I wouldn't have this problem if I decide to use Verizon. This year again Verizon is sharing a SKU - but this time with Sprint and T-Mobile! The AT&T phone apparently literally lacks a CDMA radio, in favor of LTE Band 30. So I get what the issue would be with that one. But for a third year in a row T-Mobile and Verizon are getting the same hardware.

    My question is: Is this still the case that Verizon pretends that only devices sold as "Verizon" devices are "compatible" with their network and bans all others? And if so, WHY?

    I'd like to point out that with the 5S and 6, there definitely was a functional CDMA radio in those phones (as evidenced by the people who have had temporary success) so please don't tell me that some of these phones are magically disabled by Apple. Why would Apple want to block you from being able to switch between carriers? They don't do this to prevent you from going from Verizon to AT&T or T-Mobile so why would they cripple most of their phones from working with one particular carrier?

    EDIT: This thread at Apple has been informative.

    Allegedly the legacy-CDMA carriers in the US can't/won't modify the baseband firmware for these phones. That still doesn't explain why they do work for a few minutes!

    If you have anything to contribute, especially on that last point, please feel free to post.
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