Hi, Have anyone had any issues with MetroPCS customers account website not giving correct date usage?

I sometime pay for extra data that's 1-3 GB so I can complete my data sharing for my laptop programs.
But sometimes when I check to see how much data I've using there is no way to find out when you're on the $60
plan to check your top off data. The $60 plan comes with 6GB. Twice I had to call MetroPCS to inform them I received a text stating from their 611 automated service sent me a text stating I have reached my date limit when my online account reading I've only used 630mb of data when that no where near 6GB and there system automatically shut down my date sharing.
Than I have to call a MetroPCS supervisor to have them to turn my date sharing back on because each time I
no where near my data limit. All I get from them is I'm sorry for your troubles but they're not factoring in that when
you don't complete a program while it was downloading that it has to start over and in turn making you use more
data to use to finish a program from a restart point.