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Thread: Commnet now selling EVDO service in the west

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    Commnet now selling EVDO service in the west

    Commnet Wireless has been offering service as "choice wireless" in a handful of markets for a few years now (particularly Nevada and NE Arizona). However the rest of the footprint wasn't really available for retail service. That has changed sometime over the summer.

    I've spoken with reps from Choice wireless, they are now willing to activate devices to addresses in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah. (Orange and Blue zones, Green appears to be Sprint native roaming).

    The most all of Commnet footprint in the west now has EVDO Rev. A. There is also some Band 12 LTE in Arizona.

    They even offer compelling 'unlimited' data plans for mobile broadband:

    This is a good option for a lot of small towns in Colorado forgotten by everyone (including AT&T and VZW).

    This service is now available in Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. This is good news for people stranded in 'Commnet only' perpetual roaming zones. Prior to this summer, the only access to this network was by roaming or importing a choice wireless device with billing information in approved markets.

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    This is great. I have a place in Elko that is off the beaten path so this should give me a good internet option.

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