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Thread: Copying contacts to LG A380 feature phone

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    Copying contacts to LG A380 feature phone

    My spouse is moving from a smartphone (HTC One (M7)) and back to a feature phone (LG A380).

    How can I get her contacts imported to the LG A380?

    It doesn't seem likely I can copy individual vCards to the LG's SD card, then import each vCard individually into the contracts list.

    Heaven forbid; is this one time when I actually have to use the AT&T Address Book? I mean, do I need to see if I can import her contacts (either from Gmail or Outlook), to the AT&T Address Book then sync the LG A380 to the address book? I see where the LG A380 is supposed to be compatible with the AT&T Address Book.

    Thanks for any suggestions. Particularly, that is, suggestions that avoid the use of the AT&T Address Book.

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    I don't know if the HTC offers any software/drivers which would let you export contacts or other info to a common format (comma-separated, XLS, or something else). That might be an intermediate step.

    Ideas: if you have access to a Windows computer, there is an app called BitPIM which was written years ago to communicate primarily with Samsung and LG feature phones and allowed data to be backed up or synced between desktop and phone. I don't know what shape the software is in these days or if it can talk to an A380, but it might be worth 10 minutes of Web searching to see if it could help.

    Another possibility is intermediate software or a cloud service. Microsoft Outlook is (was?) popular desktop software which, out of its sheer popularity, offered add-on software that would communicate with a variety of phones. For a while I used a cloud sync service called Memotoo (obvious URL) which could communicate with my old Symbian Nokia phone and the iPhone I used after -- and a bunch of other operating systems and applications. It might be the Babelfish you need.

    Good luck!

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