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Thread: two phones ported out of my plan without my persmission

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    two phones ported out of my plan without my persmission


    I had a recent thing happen to me. I had been living with friends and I made the mistake of adding them to my cell phone plan. The relationship soured and I moved out. I was the account owner on my AT&T account which their phones were on.

    They, without my knowledge, went to Verizon and ported out their phone from my AT&T plan to a Verizon plan without my consent or knowledge. Just a few days ago, I got stuck with a $505 fee one one of the phones, and a $498 fee on the other that was applied to my bill.

    The fee was for the remainder of the payments owed on the phones. I talked to AT&T and told them I did not authorize this transaction, and they pretty much said oh well. I would think me as the account owner would have to authorize something like this, now I am being stuck for the fees.

    Is there anything else I can do about this.

    Any help would be great.

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    Anyone who is the owner of a phone number has the right to port it out. Yes the account owner has responsibility over the account caller and whatever the other people do in that account. That's a pretty harsh way to have to learn that lesson...

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