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Thread: HTC Desire fell in a lake, got wet, now won't fully start

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    HTC Desire fell in a lake, got wet, now won't fully start

    As my 5 year old started to drown at a public lake I had to rush in the water to grab him, not realizing I had my phone in the pocket, a rooted HTC Desire. Kid was OK after intaking a bit of water but phone didn't flare so well. After letting it dry for several days in a can of rice and baking soda, it flickers whenever I try to start it. But if I connect it to the computer via USB, I get the screen below. I tried a couple of the options but it still won't boot the phone. Seeing how I get this screen to display, it tells me the phone works. But it seems to need some sort of booting procedure. Any ideas?
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    Go to XDA Developers they'll know.
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