I was born in Poland and I lived there half my life and half in the US so ever since I came back few times and times have changed,so if you are traveling here I will write here few tips w/screenshots how to make your life a lot easier

First of all the carrier you should choose is : Play (P4)

Why? when you get prepaid sim it allows you to roam on all national carriers: Plus,T-Mobile.pl,Orange PL(Orange.pl Requires you to talk with them to switch priority to Orange)

Here I will show you guys some screenies of Verizon Note4 : please note my note4 does not have enabled bands for Europe so I get: EDGE,3G,HSPA+ while my gf's iPhone 6 gets LTE on Play (native) and 3G while roaming on T-Mobile.pl,Plus,Orange as well would be 3G but didn't contact them to unlock it for her,often 3G is faster then my H+ on note4.

Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Switch TO LTE/GSM/UMTS and search for Networks to manually connect:
Screenshot Link: ( on that screenshot you see that Plus is showed twice,it's a bug in Touchwiz I have to switch it to LTE/CDMA then reboot my phone and put it in GSM Mode again)

Link: http://s30.postimg.org/lyns6xv81/Scr...5_14_18_19.png

So if you ever put in a Play sim no worries about roaming because it is included in your sim plan prepaid or not.

Also you have to be sure to put your phone into Global Roaming! no worries once your sim card from Verizon is removed you won't be billed of course so this way you get data while roaming.

Link: http://s16.postimg.org/yp3eplnmd/Scr...5_14_25_03.png

Networks Stats on Play :

Networks Stats While Roaming on T-Mobile.pl

Now the Pricing:

Unlimited Texting to All Carriers: 10 PLN (as of 8-5-2015) that is around 3$/1mo
100 Min to Play Numbers (Even While Roaming) and (Home Phones) 10 PLN/3$/mo
3GB Of Data for 30 Days : 20 PLN around 5-6$/mo

Also Availiable Tiers: 1GB,300MB etc.. but if you are traveling those are useless to you

Any questions ask me I am here for another 10 days.

Hope this helps anyone ever traveling there! never get orange they will rip you off,meaning orange prepaid starter kit.