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Alltel Wireless was one of the best small carriers and I was sad to be divested into Verizon early on because of my zipcode in Orlando, Florida being one of the locations taken over by Big Red, meanwhile my friends 2 hours away in Georgia stayed Alltel for a while (Alltel and some random MVNO).

My Circle changed the game. I would add a uReach or other VoIP number to My Circle and call in to forward my calls elsewhere, giving me one of the first absolutely UNLIMITED plans.

Chad always had the latest phones, usually strapped to his hip in some low-key "just another Chad ad" but with some unreleased flagship. It was almost a game to visit your carrier's website and see what new LG, Motorola, Kyocera was coming next (Remember the Kyocera 7135?).

In that time of technology, in that moment, Alltel was as close to holy and pure as you could get in the industry. And the Verizon started asking if you could hear them now, after they destroyed all we loved. I enjoyed when Sprint hired their actor to do more wireless commercials on the other side.
Verizon did not love those former Alltel plans; in hindsight, I wished Verizon would have kept some of those Alltel sites up when I lived in Tallahassee... maybe more sites would have helped with capacity locally.

I loved that candy bar Nokia I had on them back in the day.

Alltel's days were numbered when Verizon decided to build out a PCS network in south Georgia where Alltel had service.