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Thread: Sh-01F Dragon Quest

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    Sh-01F Dragon Quest

    Hi !
    Can it update to android 4.4 ?? and how ?
    Thanks !

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaidaica View Post
    Hi !
    Can it update to android 4.4 ?? and how ?
    Thanks !
    Yes, you can upgrade to Android 4.4. But it won't be easy, and it might be impossible if you're not in Japan.
    Here is a link to the Sharp page for the upgrade:
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    Unfortunately there is no 4.4 update for the dragon quest specific phone. There is a docomo page which shows all the 4.4 updates for all models. Sadly the SH-01fDQ version and the hatsune Miku Sony SO-o4E are not part of that update. Im guessing because there is so much customization to the OS for all the fun themed related items. Im sure its possible through some other 'hacky' way. My guess is that developers dont really care.

    besides I've never been able to achieve root on the SH-01F DQ Edition :/

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