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Thread: Horrible phone customer stories - major call center north america

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    Red face Horrible phone customer stories - major call center north america

    Had a great so confused business owner call yesterday for his US Cellular Accounts. Multiple members of his staff were getting other peoples calls on their phones. He could not for the life of him explain what was going on. He has over 100 GSM lines on his account. He got really frustrated with me and was RUDE. He wanted to know what WE did to cause this. Well he escalated and I was happy to get him off the phone for my call time. I found out from my peer, who took the call, that his office had received a batch of 100 SIM cards and for some reason someone in the office was doling them out like candy and it was a whole mess. Offline is sending them a spreadsheet to help sort out the confusion. Yea, what did I do to cause this. Get an IT person on board to manage your accounts.

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    To us, this is just "common sense" but the business owner may have no comprehension that the phone number is tied to the SIM. He may not understand that link. "The phone is the phone. It has a number, right? What did you do to mess that up?" Although someone with 100 lines should have someone who understands the principles well enough to manage the issue.
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