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Thread: Why is my HTC Wildfire S A510e (Euro/Asia) picking up 3G in US?

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    Question Why is my HTC Wildfire S A510e (Euro/Asia) picking up 3G in US?

    Hi, new to the forum, located in the US with a puzzle. Got an HTC Wildfire S a couple of years ago. Bought it unlocked on eBay, shipped from Asia, advertised as and with all the branding of a model A510e (GSM, UMTS bands 900/2100 MHz). I intended to use it on the T-Mobile network at the time, but realized I got it wrong as the 2100MHz band is actually operated as 2100/1700 MHz (AWS) by T-Mobile. Talk worked fine but all I got was 2G data. Ended up shelving it and got another phone. Fast forward to now. I rooted my Wildfire S and tried out a number of custom ROMs for fun, and decided I wanted to give it another go as spare phone. Got a SIM with h2o wireless (operating on AT&T's network) and didn't even know whether I'd get 2G as AT&T is in the process of refarming their 2G towers. To my surprise I'm actually getting full speed 3G data connection!! And I can't explain it: as far as I know there's no 900 or 2100MHz in the US and all the labels/software on my phone indicate it is a model A510e. The only way I can explain it is, if it were a model A510b (bands 850/2100 MHz) that was issued in Australia. I researched my IMEI number but the results didn't help: depending on the website my IMEI pointed to a model A510e, A510b, or even the T-Mobile specific model for the AWS band (which I definitely know it's not). My question is, are the A510a/b/e models just the same hardware and somehow perhaps rooting it enabled the software to access all 3 bands (850/900/2100) as opposed to a combination of 2 that distinguishes models a/b/e? That is my best suspicion. Another clue is that I did get 3G data during a trip to the Philippines with Globe (850/2100 MHz), but that was prior to rooting. Anyhow, I'm happy with the outcome but was wondering if any one might have had a similar experience or could confirm my theory? Appreciate your input! This little phone works just great now.
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