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Thread: Postpaid Moto G on PagePlus Prepaid (anytime minutes)

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    Postpaid Moto G on PagePlus Prepaid (anytime minutes)

    Is anyone using a 1st Gen Verizon Moto G (3G only) on PagePlus' prepaid plan (anytime minutes)?
    I swapped ESN from a Galaxy S to the Moto and activated successfully.

    However, when a test call is made I get a Verzion message stating "your number is not active or invalid".Swapped backed to the Samsung, then swapped back again to the Moto, same results

    PagePlus was no help, seller want to try another ESN swap and activation.

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    I assume you checked the ESN with the blacklists?

    With phones from the prepaid VZW side, I believe VZW requires they be "aged" first on the mothership, most say 6 months.

    Selectel or BYO may well take it, probably not Total or other Slim co's.

    Or aged ones go for $20-40 on eBay, have to check the MEID before bidding, if TF will take it the rest will too.

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