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Thread: SHARP SH-03E, Softbank 740SC, or N-03D

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    SHARP SH-03E, Softbank 740SC, or N-03D

    I am considering one of these 3 phones. would it be possible to use any of these 3 phones on T-Mobile in America? And what would be limited on these phones in terms of multimedia features.

    SoftBank 740SC
    SHARP SH-03E
    NTT N-03D

    This is also my first post on this site as well as my first foray into japanese phones.

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    I am unsure about the 740SC being unlockable. As a general rule, SoftBanks are not unlockable although for some unofficial unlocking is available.
    The other two are Docomo phones, which means you can get them officially unlocked - but only in Japan. Beware of sellers who advertise them as SIM unlocked and have low reputation, some people have complained about being cheated this way. By all means demand a refund option to your purchase.
    Even after official unlock, you will not be able to get mobile data - only Wi-Fi, and only for browsing and email. You will not be able to install apps, themes, ringtones - this can only be done in Japan, with an active Docomo SIM. Few fan-made themes and ringtones can be downloaded here and on Chinese websites. You will have to get used to short and low-fi ringtones.
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    As far as I'm aware, everything cheesus said is accurate. And yeah, you would be able to use the SH-03e with Tmobile

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