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Thread: 3 UK for ten day trip to London

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    Thought I'd post an update on 3 UK. Just got back from 10 day trip with my brother. Prior to leaving, purchased two SIMs with 25GBP each on them. Purchased off eBay from user tango1268. Prior to departure, set up accounts online and activated the 15GBP add on for each SIM which gives unlimited data, 300 minutes calls, and 3000 texts good for 30 days. We bought the SIMS so we'd have data - not too concerned with calling or texts in UK but was convenient to call/text one another if separated. Also good to have calls for the car hire to contact me.

    Swapped SIMs on plane and both came up on three when we switched them on when we got off plane.

    Data worked without a problem. I have iPhone 6 and brother has iPhone 5, both unlocked. 3G most locations but 3 is in process of upgrading to 4G which I had in London most places. Always had connectivity. We took three separate bus trips to various places outside London.

    In in addition to data, I made two calls to our Mom to check on her while we were gone. Calls to US were 3p per minute. Required use of code before number for that rate but just entered in phone book as an extra number for Mom and worked great.

    Only thing else I'd add is to tell you to get an external battery if you don't already have one. ensured we never had a problem with keeping up and running, posting updates, etc. online.

    P.S. Only disadvantage of this plan is no tethering but we knew that in advance and had free wifi at hotel for iPads.

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    I spent a week in Scotland and got a 3 SIM with unlimited data for 15 GBP. I used Hangouts and WeChat for calls. Video conference seems to work fine as well. 3 coverage indoors is a bit poor, especially in old Scottish buildings, but otherwise the coverage and data speed was good. Used it all week on Google Maps and posting photos. It worked well. Did not try to use any voice calls or texting.
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