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Thread: Dredging up ghosts

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    Dredging up ghosts


    Any other Palm users out there?

    I have had so many phones it's hard to believe. I got my first Smartphone in 2000, a Kyocera running the Palm 3.5 OS. Great phone for 2 years till it fell out of my pocket. Sprint replaced it with a Samsung color phone, also running a Palm OS. Can't remember what came next, but there were a few flips, and then I got a 755p. Loved every minute of it, but the volume was low. So I moved up to a Blackberry 8830 World Edition, and totally loved that, with the exception of the power port. Weak, weak, weak! But since I could get them for <$20 on ebay, when a port wore out I'd buy a new one. The last one was NiB for $40, but after loading songs on it it stopped ringing! Error message indicating something was wrong with the media engine. Since my phone has to ring I went looking.

    Next was a Motorola Droid Pro. Don't EVER give me anything running Android again! When the phone rebooted 12 times in 24 hours, usually while talking to people, I decided it wasn't for me. I went back to the BB, rebooting it every so often to clear the error.

    Then I got a Motorola Q running Windows Mobile 5. Nice phone, good sound, and it would get me on the website I need to get to for my work orders. The BB almost made it, but since the WOs are XLSX files, I couldn't see them. The Q had a couple of quirks I just hate, like messaging, and Motorola dumped all the updates when Lenovo took over.

    A few days before I found my ole Treo 755p, and plugged it in. It charged right up and held a charge (unused) for about 10 days. Just for laughs I put it on PagePlus, and somehow the volume problem has gone away. I installed VolumeCare from thew Old Days, added a few other things, and since Palm/Verizon bundled it with Docs to Go Pro, I can see the XLSX and PDFs I need to see.

    It's not up to date, obviously, but it does 99% of what I need it to do, and the other 1% I can get by with.

    I forgot what a joy this phone was, except for the low volume. I have all the old software I had back in 2007 and loaded it all up and I'm enjoying living in the past. Wish someone would come up with a modern phone that worked as well as Palm. I absolutely hate Android OS, and an iPhone is way more than I want to sped, considering I got the Palm in 2007 for $50.

    So, is anyone else still using an old Palm? and any ideas where to get software (.prcs). I've found a couple good places, but some of my faves are gone; Handango is gone, and when you go to Palm's new site it says "Coming Soon".

    So, hello, and is there anyone else out there as crazy as I am?

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    Still actively using a 755p and a Centro.

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    I still have my 700p and Centro that i fire up occasionally

    Both are good, but i just do not have software for either one anymore, so it's really no good for me to use. I do like how those phones on Sprint still allow me to force roaming, although luckily with Spark i've not had to worry about that even in rural midwest since they're finally using their 800MHz spectrum.
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