Just as an FYI to others. Recently posted a cheap android phone for sale on amazon. I have a sellers account and have had no issues before. The phone sold and I shipped it out. Within 30 days the buyer made a claim with amazon that the phone did not work. I claimed it worked fine and to ship it back and I will refund money once I receive it.

That's when it went wrong. The buyer never shipped it back. AMAZON let the buyer make an A-to-Z claim and paid the buyer back his money, from my account. Then amazon let the buyer keep the phone as it is amazon policy that a buyer can keep a broken product if sent from a third party.

I complained but amazon stuck by their policy as is. Buyer keeps the claimed broken phone (which was never broken). Buyer gets a refund of money. Seller is out the value of the phone.

It was not a lot of money. But I will never sell a used phone via amazon again because of this risk.

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