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Thread: Sorry Apple, Pebble Has Already Won The Smartwatch Wars

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    Wow my post elicited your only post in 12 years.

    And I stand by my raised from the dead prediction of 3 years ago.
    I will be Judged on how I helped the poor, sick & others in need; strangers & loved ones alike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mellisn View Post
    Ha Ha

    Any other predictions, Kreskin?
    Wow. Hate much? Lol. I love my series 4 watch and I’m over 40. It works flawlessly for me. Plus now I can keep better track of my heart. It’s a no brained. I would agree that the watch started a little flakey at first but they have it dialed in now. I’m sure that it’s one reason it’s the best selling smart watch.

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