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Thread: Lumia 730 or Nexus 5?

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    Lumia 730 or Nexus 5?

    Hey guys,

    Help me out choosing a phone. I have two options; Lumia 730 and Nexus 5. Though, I have used Android my whole life but I am okay using Windows too. That doesn't matter. All that matters is my requirements are fulfilled.

    Best screen quality
    Fastest speed (performance)
    Best touch quality

    My typical usage:
    Making/receiving calls
    Texting ( a lot)
    Occasional Internet surfing
    Very occasional playing games

    I got only a few hours to make the decision and I want a phone that fits my requirements best.

    P.S. I have heard that WIndows is much much better than Android performance wise. That 1 GB RAM of Windows is equal to 2 GB RAM of Android. How true is this?

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    Old topic but I'm curious, what choice did you made ?
    I personally would've go for the Nexus since I don't really like WP ... even tho they are coming from behind, especially with WP 10.

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