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Thread: New phone, no more Sasktel....???

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    New phone, no more Sasktel....???

    I recently got myself a new phone, an unlocked Samsung S5 mini duos. My Rogers works like a charm, but Sasktel is in and out in service. It's usually not in service long enough to even load the weather.

    I'm currently around Edmonton, where Sasktel coverage has always been perfectly fine. My previous phone was an S4, and Sasktel worked just fine with it in the same area. But no go with the new phone....

    So I want to assume it's the phone.....but I'm not rocket scientist when it comes to these things. Am I maybe missing something with the setup of the phone or is it Sasktel that's being difficult and it's beyond my control?

    Any help would be appreciated. Don't feel bad if you have to explain things to me like I'm a dummy, because I really don't get these new phones....

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    Scratch that.....

    Took nearly a day, but it's working fine now. I didn't even touch anything, so I'm confused......but glad it's working anyways.

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