Yes Verizon has the best coverage nationwide we all know this! But how long can you hold on to that trump card?People that don't travel could use joeblowPCS and be happy and save a lot of money, but I have had verizon VZW for years and never had issues I do know that I am lucky in that regard. But VZW if your are reading this (lol doupt it) you need to realize that it is very easy to switch to another carrier and its cheaper much cheaper. I suggest a real loyalty program I have been out of contract for some time and I keep VZW because it works and it works where I need it to.
Also I want my S6 Edge In Emerald green dang it! Why, why would you choose to not offer all the colors? We are not talking about Iphones (gross).
So Kudos for being the best! Great Job, but could we keep the gouging to a minimum? (Data Data and more Data)