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Thread: Tethering & Sharing Internet to IOS Devices? Having issues, please help :).

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    Question Tethering & Sharing Internet to IOS Devices? Having issues, please help :).

    Hey all,

    I used to be able to share my internet from my Nokia Asha 302 (dumb phone) to any IOS device via Buetooth. I've been doing it for years and AT&T has no problem with it. Recently, I've been unable to share the internet to any IOS device and I can't seem to figure out why. I can still share my internet to a computer (Mac and PC) via Bluetooth or a USB cable.

    I'm wondering if there are any other Symbian based phones I could try that are not Nokia branded. I want to test to see if my IOS devices will accept the internet sharing from some other type of phone.

    Thank you in advance!

    I am going to paste a pre-made post I've made in case anyone is interested in the troubleshooting steps I have taken thus far.

    Copied and pasted this text below from a previous website.

    "1. I've tried to pair via Bluetooth two Nokia C3's (yes, 2) to my iPod Touch. They pair successfully, but do not stay "connected" when I try to share internet.

    2. I've tried to pair my Noka 302 (current phone) via Bluetooth to my iPod Touch. Both devices will pair successfully, but immediately start and drop connection when I hit "Nokia 302" from the Bluetooth Menu on the iPod Touch.

    3. I've tried to pair 2 different generation iPads. One latest gen and one first gen model. They both will pair and will experience the same issue. Both will connect for 2 seconds and then immediately drop Bluetooth connection. Both iPads have shared internet with ALL of these same phones in the past.

    4. I've done a factory restore on the iPod Touch and tried paring while the device was completely fresh with no additional user content on it.

    5. Factory reset was also performed on all the Nokia phones. Before reset was done, I attempted all the troubleshooting steps listed before you.

    6. Called AT&T multiple times. They can't offer anymore support because it's not a supported issue. They simply don't understand why the devices in question will not share the internet when it was doing it in the past.

    7. All Nokia phones will successfully pair and connect via Bluetooth to my Windows laptop AND share internet that way.

    I don't know what purchasing a Moto G or E would help me in this situation. Are you suggesting that will tether to an IOS device and I should swap it with my Nokia? If so, that phone is a full Android phone. I will incur a "Smart Phone" data plan should I use a real smart phone. I only keep my Nokia because it's listed as a "Non-Smart Phone" and therefor has a cheaper unlimited data plan.

    Really, the only end goal here that I want is the ability to share internet with my IOS device again. It was incredibly convenient to use while in the car!

    I can still share internet over Bluetooth or a USB cable (faster speed with cable) to any laptop using the Nokia Ovi Suite. Thankfully this is still an option for me. Unfortunately for me, nothing in the tablet world comes close to IOS.

    I suppose I could try reformatting my Nokia phone again, but I just don't see the point... It DOES tether, just not to an IOS device anymore."

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    Nokia Asha is NOT Symbian. Symbian phones do adhoc wireless networks and not Infrastructure like Androids. AT&T could have done something to prevent internet sharing from dumb phones. If you can borrow a SIM from someone with a smartphone data plan that allows internet sharing you can determine if it is something with your AT&T account or something with the Apple devices

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    Please disregard my questions about why I can not share my data with my phone. One setting was off in my phone that prevented me from sharing my internet.
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