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Thread: incoming calls occasionally fail - Fido Home Phone

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    incoming calls occasionally fail - Fido Home Phone

    Over last few weeks, I periodically have problems with receiving calls to my Fido Home Phone.

    Occasionally, incoming calls go directly to voicemail (if enabled or network message otherwise) as if the phone were turned off (while the phone is always on). The reception signal level is always ok and I am always able to make outgoing calls without problems.

    I have never activated/used/changed/touched call forwarding, so it was not the cause of the problem.

    I twice contacted Fido support, they reset my account. It is hard to say whether such resetting temporary helped, but the problem still persist. Though it is hard to reproduce the problem on demand.

    I am positive my hardware/handset is ok.

    My phone number was ported from another provider. Could it be the reason?

    When a phone number, say, 416-1234567 is ported to one provider from another provider (cell or land-line), are incoming calls at 416-1234567 (initially) routed via that old provider network/infrastructure/hardware?

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    Dialing either MSID or MDN should go same place as carrier overlays them when you port in
    Only one exception to this rule

    I would hazzard a guess reception is not the best & would suggest moving the adapter to see
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    Hi there,

    It may be either a reception issue or an issue with number. To make sure, this would have to be escalated through technical support though. I have sent you a private message for more information.

    - Mathieu
    Fido Solutions

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