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Thread: Which smartphone to buy?

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    Which smartphone to buy?

    I have just spent a few days and many hours searching the web for a smartphone to fit my needs, but just when felt I had gotten lost in the jungle and I was about to give up, I stumpled upon this forum...

    It would seem that I am not the typical smartphone customer, so this might be a tricky case, but I hope that someone here can and will help me out nonetheless.

    I will try to cover all the relevant details that I suppose should be taken into consideration before selecting or recommending a new mobile phone for me:

    I do not use any mobile today - I have a probably ten year old Nokia that I hardly ever use, but I now find myself in need of a phone that let´s me make and receive calls, check my Gmail account online and use whatsap for sending and receiving messages. I prefer a QWERTY keyboard.

    I have no interest in gaming, whatching movies, taking photos, listening to music, using SMS or socalled "social media" nor any other feature apart from what I have already mentioned, but I accept that it seems impossible to avoid many of these extra features altogether. GPS could be nice to have though, but not something I am willing to pay extra for.
    I do not care at all about form factor, color or the like.

    I live in Madrid, Spain, and already have a mobile carrier, so I need my new smartphone to be unlocked. I travel around Europe rather frequently and I would greatly appreciate long battery life (the longer the better, although I really do not expect to be using the phone that much for anything resembling "heavy tasks") and general durability of my new smartphone - I am rather clumsy, so it is to be expected that the phone will be suffering falls on hard surfaces from time to time.

    I expect to be using the phone mostly at home but carrying it in a pocket in my jacket when travelling.

    I have no preferences when it comes to brand of neither hardware nor software - as long as it does what I need it to do, and can expected to continue doing so for years to come wihtout difficulties.
    Generally I would like the phone to be as small, light and cheap as possible while not compromising the needs stipulated above.

    So, with all this in mind, which smartphone should I buy?

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    Maybe a Blackberry Q10? It's the only well built phone with a physical keyboard I can think of.

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    You need an old Droid 4 Global.
    I don't feel like a thread-killer...

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